Universidade de São Paulo

Omar Abdel Moneim Abou El Seoud

Professor Sênior - Departamento de Química Fundamental
Polymer and surfactant group



Nosso grupo vem desenvolvendo trabalhos abrangendo as seguintes linhas:

1-Química Verde: Síntese, propriedades de líquidos iônicos e suas misturas com solventes moleculares. Emprego como solventes para reações químicas e na derivatização de biopolímeros.

2-Polímeros Naturais Modificados: Estratégias para derivatização de celulose sob condições homogêneas de reação; propriedades e aplicações dos derivados obtidos (ésteres, ésteres mistos, e éteres) e de sues compósitos. 

3-Síntese e Aplicação de Tensoativos Verdes: Síntese de tensoativos verdes a base de açucares e líquidos iônicos; estudo das propriedades de suas soluções. Aplicações como catalisadores de reações químicas, na formação de emulsões e micro-emulsões, e na descontaminação de solo.

4- Estabilidade dos asfaltenos e uso de inibidores de precipitação.

5-Educação em Química: Educação para desenvolvimento sustentável. 


Summary Our research group is interested in the following research topics:

1-Green Chemistry: Synthesis and properties of ionic liquids and their mixtures with molecular solvents and applications as media for chemical reactions and derivatization of biopolymers. 

2-Modified biopolymers: Strategies for cellulose derivatization; properties and applications of the products obtained (esters; mixed esters, and ethers) and their composites.

3-Synthesis, properties and Applications of Green Surfactants: Synthesis of sugar-based surfactants and ionic liquid-based surfactants; properties of their solutions. Applications including as catalysts of chemical reactions, for the formation of emulsions and microemulsions, and in soil decontamination.

4- Asphaltene stability and precipitation inhibition.

5-Education in Chemistry: Education for sustainable development.


Recent Publoications 

1- Vaid, Z. S.; Kumar, A.; El Seoud, O. A.; Malek, N. I. (2017)

Drug induced micelle-to-vesicle transition in aqueous solutions of cationic surfactants

RCS Advances, 7, 3861-3869

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Practical chemical kinetics in solution.

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 3- de Jesus, J. C.; Pires, P. A. R.; Mustafa, R.; Riaz, N.; El Seoud, O. A. (2017)

Experimental and theoretical studies on solvation in aqueous solutions of ionic liquids carrying different side chains: The n-butyl- versus the methoxyethyl group.

RCS Advances,7, 15952-15963

 4- Achtel, C.; Jedvert, K.; Kosan, B.; El Seoud, O. A.,; Heinze, T. (2017)

Dissolution capacity of novel cellulose solvents based on triethyloctylammonium chloride.

In press, Macromol. Chem. Phys., 218, 1700208

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Synergistic interaction between cholesterol and functionalized ionic liquid based surfactant leading to the morphological transition

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 9- Achtel, C.; Jedvert, K.; Kostag, M.; El Seoud, O. A.; Heinze, T. (2018)

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Macromol. Matl. Eng. 303, 1800032.

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A successful approach to mimic the solvent power of maltenes based on SARA analysis, solvatochromic- and solubility parameters.

Energy & Fuels, 32, 3281−3289

11- El Seoud, O. A.; Novaki, L. P.; Possidonio, S.; Chinelatto, A. M.; d’Almeida e Silva, M. J. L.; Brotero,  P.P. (2018)

The chemistry of beverages for high school students: A project on extraction and analysis of caffeine from guaraná powder

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Molcules 23, 511

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15-Thermo-switchable de Novo Ionic Liquid Based Gelators with Dye Absorbing and Drug Encapsulating Characteristics

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16- Tayel, A.; Ramadan, A.; El Seoud, O. A. (2018)

Titanium Dioxide/Graphene and Titanium Dioxide/Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites: Synthesis, Characterization and Photocatalytic Applications 
for Water Decontamination.

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17-Thermo-switchable de Novo Ionic Liquid Based Gelators with Dye Absorbing and Drug Encapsulating Characteristics

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on the Degree of Carboxylate Substitution

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Ultrasound exfoliation of graphite in biphasic liquid systems containing (eliminate: polyaromatic) ionic liquids: a successful protocol for obtaining large few-layers graphene

In press, Ultrasonics - Sonochemistry

 24- Pires, P. A. R.; El Seoud, O. A.; Machado, V. G.; de Jesus, J. C.; de Melo, C. E. A.; Buske, J. L. O.;  Cardozo, A. P. (2019)

Understanding solvation: Comparison of Reichardt’s solvatochromic probe and related molecular “core” structures

In press, J. Chem. Eng. Data

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